Homebuyer's Final Walkthrough

The purpose of the final walkthrough in Arizona is to determine that the house is in substantially the same condition as when the purchase contract was accepted. In addition, it allows the Buyer to verify that agreed-upon repairs have been completed.

The Seller is obligated by the Arizona purchase contract to maintain utilities until the close of escrow, so the Buyer can verify that all the appliances are still in working order. 

What Can Go Wrong?
  • Utilities are off.
  • Personal property agreed upon in the contract is missing.
  • The seller still needs to remove all contents from the property.
  • Movers have damaged walls or floors.
  • Agreed-upon repairs are incomplete.

As your representative/agent, we will have communicated well with the listing agent to circumvent surprises. The final walkthrough is typically scheduled one or two days before the close of escrow, depending on when the Seller has vacated. We recommend having a re-inspection if critical repairs have been made.

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