What is Your Home Worth Today?

We can help! We offer a service that will allow you to input information about your home and receive an updated valuation within a few days. It’s really easy, and we’ll even send you a reminder email.

Your Scottsdale home value is part of your financial portfolio. Like a stock, the value is constantly in flux. It is a considerable investment to purchase your own home, but if you’re like most of us, you want to know how your investment is doing.

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Appraisal vs CMA

CMA – Comparative Market Analysis – a CMA is a home valuation report based on the sales activity in your neighborhood. It is a starting point but does not reflect the condition of your home or the upgrades you have done. A CMA is created using data from ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service). A CMA is a snapshot valuation that changes with market conditions and every new sale.

Appraisal – An appraisal is a home valuation report performed by a certified residential appraiser, usually ordered by a lender to validate the purchase price of a home. Like a CMA, the appraiser begins with neighborhood sales but also visits the home to evaluate upgrades and condition.

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